Privacy Policy



This Privacy Policy indicates whether information is gathered from MyKidsApps about our mobile apps and website and how that information is used.

  1. 1.Will Personal data be collected about our usage or our website ?

With our apps, you can be sure that absolutely no information (including third-party information) about location, user, or their behavior will be collected at download or when using our apps.

  1. 2.Do your applications include mobile advertising links?

All of our mobile applications and our website contain no banners or similar ads. Our funding comes entirely from the purchase price of the download.

  1. 3.Are email addresses stored from questions, suggestions, problems, or feedback ?

You can contact us with any questions, suggestions, problems, and feedback. All information that you provide, including your e-mail address, is only used to respond and is deleted immediately after.

  1. 4.Do the mobile applications contain external links ?

In settings there are links to Facebook, Twitter, the Appstore, our website and email account. In oder to access this external links, you must hold down the selected button for 4 seconds. Hopefully, this will prevent from unintentionally leaving the app.

  1. 5.Do you have any further questions ?

If you have questions or comments about this Privacy Policy, please contact us via our website.